Pre-order Kids Closet

Code: BBT003 Summer Baby Peplum Shorts  (Black Polka Dots, Wine Red)

80 (6-18m):Waist: 40cm Length: 16cm
90 (18-30m):Waist: 42cm Length: 18cm
100 (2-3.5yr):Waist: 44cm Length: 20cm
110 (3-4.5yr):Waist: 46cm Length: 22cm
120 (4-5.5yr):Waist: 488cm Length: 24cm
130 : Waist: 50cm Length: 26cm

Code: BBTMY009 Marine Stripes Dress  (Red, Blue)
73cm (3months) - Bust: 48cm Length: 33cm
80cm (6months) - Bust: 50cm Length: 35cm
85cm (12months) - Bust: 52cm Length: 36cm (SOLD OUT)
90cm (18months) - Bust: 54cm Length: 37cm (SOLD OUT)
95cm (24months) - Bust: 56cm Length: 39cm

Code: BBTMY011 Princess Jumper (with hairband) (Pink)
66cm (height 70cm) - Bust: 54cm Length: 41cm
73cm (height 75cm) - Bust: 57cm Length: 43cm
80cm (height 80cm) - Bust: 60cm Length: 45cm

 Code: BBTMY010 Lacey Ribbon Dress  (Pink, Yellow, Light Blue)
66cm (0-3months) - Bust: 48cm Length: 41cm
73cm (3-6months) - Bust: 50cm Length: 42cm
80cm (6-12months) - Bust: 52cm Length: 42.5cm
85cm (12-18months) - Bust: 55cm Length: 44cm
90cm (18-24months) - Bust: 58cm Length: 46cm

All items are pre-order.
All items will be arrived at your doorstep around 10-14days after the batch of pre-order deadline close.
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Thank you. 

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